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5 Pumpkin Brown Exclusive Reusabelles Deluge Insert

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Deluge means 'sever flood' or 'overwhelming amount at once' which seemed the perfect name for our new insert! 
Designed by Pumpkin Brown and made by Reusabelles this insert is a dream for heavy wetters and flooders alike. 

What is it? 

A birth to potty (BTP) size insert designed to be used alone in pocket nappies or to boost day or night nappies to help with heavy wetting or flooding. 
The 6 layer insert is made of the same bamboo cotton as the Bells Bumz Heavy Wetter but is cut smaller and topped with athletic wicking jersey to keep baby nice and dry. 
It's a super thirsty insert and great for flooders too. 

Whats is made of? ​

6 layers of 70% bamboo, 30% cotton and topped with a layer Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) 

Why We Love it

We love this insert in our Pumpkin Brown Reusabelles Fitted nappy, its super soft and mega absorbent. It's brilliant in a pocket nappy or to boost a day or night nappy and as its topped with AWJ it keeps baby nice and dry. 

Its the perfect booster to add to a Motherease Sandy, Totsbots Bamboozle or Little Lamb fitted if you need more absorbency and a stay dry top.  A great way to make your existing nappies last longer.



New Deluge Insert

heavy wetters and flooders will love these super-boosters.

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