4 Bells Bumz Hemp Fitted - Save 15%
4 Bells Bumz Hemp Fitted - Save 15%
4 Bells Bumz Hemp Fitted - Save 15%
4 Bells Bumz Hemp Fitted - Save 15%

4 Bells Bumz Hemp Fitted - Save 15%

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Bundle of 4 Fitted Nappies - Save 15%

One Size fitted nappy suitable for night time use made from hemp.

The nappy is made up of two layers of hemp. Then including are two snap in inserts. One 3 layers of Hemp and one 3 layer Bamboo. So you have 8 layers of super absorbent material.

This also has the advantages of

  • 3 rise adjustments so you can alter the size accordingly.

  • Soft elastic around the legs.

  • This nappy is lined with super soft coffee polar fleece. It’s amazing at staying dry and absorbing all of the wet through its layer. Super soft against babies skin and antibacterial to boot.

This nappy needs to be accompanied by a waterproof cover.

Coffee fibre fabric is produced similar to bamboo. Using high pressure with low temperature and coffee grounds spun into a yarn. This process is eco-friendly, because it has a low energy operation in which the original product was once believed to be waste and can now be recycled into useful fabrics. The result of using this process gives you a soft, light and flexible and water resistant. It is has activated carbon which will help wick water away and keep skin cool. It can bind unpleasant odours, which is a must with nappies. This effect occurs because coffee fibres contain a large amount of pores, which expand and grow when it is roasted. These pores will help to quicken moisture away from the service, which it does more effectively than other PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fabrics.

This nappy will need to be washed at least 3 times before use to build up absorbency and will reach maximum absorbency after 10 washes.

New Deluge Insert

heavy wetters and flooders will love these super-boosters.

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