Disana Organic Muslins 80x80cm - 5 Pack

Disana Organic Muslins 80x80cm - 5 Pack

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Disana Muslins are made of Organic Cotton and come in packs of 5 in natural cream colour.  We love the Disana muslins as not only are they organic and fabulous quality but they come in the larger harder to find size of 80x80cm.

We love Muslins as newborn nappies as they make such slim line nappies and give you enough absorbency for changing every 2 hours which is the recommended change frequency for a newborn. This larger size muslin can still be folded into our favourite Jo Fold but the Disana 80cm muslin gives you a bit higher absorbency ideal for a baby that is feeding really well and wetting lots.  These larger muslins offer perfect absorbency for using over naps and hopefully a slightly longer sleep during the night without having to add a booster.   You secure your folded muslin nappy with a nappi nippa and use a Motherease rikki xs or small wrap over the top.

Muslins are used so regularly as mop up cloths and burp cloths these days (for which they are excellent), people forget that they used to be known as "muslin nappies".

Muslins also go well into pouched "pocket" wraps for a fast drying nappy. For an older child, of course, the lower absorbency means more frequent changing than some other nappies, but the speed of drying or the convenience of the pouched wrap for daycare etc may well be a determining factor.

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