Lanka Kade Gingerbread man

Lanka Kade Gingerbread man

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Introducing the charming Lanka Kade Wooden Gingerbread Man Toy – a delightful addition for festive decorating, storytelling, and sparking holiday joy, now available at Pumpkin Brown! Crafted with care, its whimsical design and meticulous wood grain details bring warmth to your space.

This toy effortlessly becomes a beloved part of your holiday traditions – perfect for adorning your home, inspiring tales, or adding sweetness to a Christmas Eve surprise.

Carved with a substantial 25mm thickness, it fits comfortably in your hands, enhancing the tactile holiday experience.

Aligned with sustainability, the Wooden Gingerbread Man Toy embodies Pumpkin Brown's commitment to a greener future.

Unleash its potential – decorate, tell stories, or infuse the magic of the season. Embrace the festive spirit with us today!

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