15% OFF Large stay dry Boom booster

15% OFF Large stay dry Boom booster

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What we love about this!

The perfect solution for flooders, this fast absorbing 100% cotton booster will be your saviour!


Slim booster goes closest to the bum for fast absorption.

High content natural fibres. Purple stitching around the edge.

4 layers of super quick absorbing 100% cotton, perfect for flooders. Cotton is the fastest absorbing natural material you can find.  Quickly soaks up those big wees!

This booster is topped with amazing athletic wicking jersey stay dry fabric.

Stretch out after washing to maintain the size and shape, some shrinkage will occur after washing due to the natural fibres.


100% cotton topped with AWJ

New Deluge Insert

heavy wetters and flooders will love these super-boosters.

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