Mio Doll - Little Boy

Mio Doll - Little Boy

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Brand : Nines Artesanals D'onils 

Our Mias are some of the most beautiful dolls we have.

It has a vinyl body, can be bathed.

They incorporate fabrics such as plumeti, muslin and cotton, make these dolls a really special.

They have a size of 30cm and are collectible.

They are presented in a kraft case with a super nice sale. Made 100% in Spain in a traditional way.

Why Pumpkin Brown Recommends!

Playing with dolls is the ultimate adventure for little ones! It's not just about having fun, but it's also a super cool way to learn and grow. Imagine being able to express your emotions, practice speaking and storytelling, and improve your fine motor skills all while playing with your very own mini-me! Dolls open a world of possibilities, you can create your own little world and have fun with your dolls, and it's the perfect way to have fun, learn and grow! Not to mention, it's a great way to develop empathy, self-awareness and creativity. With the right dolls and accessories, children can have hours of educational and fun playtime. These dolls can be a great gift for any child, and will provide them with hours of entertainment and learning opportunities. Don't just play, have an adventure with dolls!

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