Mother-ease Cover Revitaliser
Mother-ease Cover Revitaliser

Mother-ease Cover Revitaliser

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Restore your diaper cover performance to new condition with Mother-ease's Cover Revitalizer!

This two-part eco-friendly waterproofing treatment will work on all diaper covers that are completely separate from an absorbent diaper. It will also work on wet bags as well!

When to use it:

If you’ve begun to experience leak issues with your diapers, and you cannot see an obvious issue (fit, damage, etc), then it’s likely that the factory waterproofing treatment has worn off your diaper covers. Mother-ease Cover Revitalizer is an eco-friendly laundry treatment that re-applies the waterproofing to your diaper covers, restoring them to their initial performance at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new covers!

How it works: 

Part A - Pre-Treat: This eco-friendly stripper pre-treatment removes dirt and oil with no trace of residue, allowing for optimal revitalizing. 

Part B - Revitalize: This eco-friendly treatment revitalizes your diaper covers to make them work like new again.

Wash up to 15 diaper covers first with Part A and then afterward wash that load of covers again with Part B. Afterward, dry your covers in your tumble dryer on HIGH heat. 

That's it!

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