Packa 2.0 Insert Set - Bamboo Trifold

Packa 2.0 Insert Set - Bamboo Trifold

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** Pumpkin Brown Top Tip **

Add this to a Petite Crown Swim Nappy and you have your very own Packa V2! 



Packa 2.0 Insert Set, each made of 2 layers of bamboo terry fabric. One set comes with 2 inserts.


    Wash on hot at least 3 times


    Knock solids into toilet.

    Prewash warm (110-90 F/43-32 C).

    Wash hot (130F/55C).

    Do not use bleach or softeners.

    Do not soak.

    Tumble dry low (not exceeding 130F/55C) or line dry.

    Following the proper care instructions helps prolong the life of the product.


    80% Bamboo, 20% Polyester

        New Deluge Insert

        heavy wetters and flooders will love these super-boosters.

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