Petite Crown Stay Dry Trima Insert SINGLE

Petite Crown Stay Dry Trima Insert SINGLE

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SINGLE Stay Dry Trima Insert 

  • Stay Dry Trima removable snap-on inserts,  made of 1 layer of bamboo cotton fabric, 2 layers of hemp cotton fabric, and top layer of microfleece


Wash on hot at least 4 times.


Knock solids into toilet. Prewash warm (110-90 F/43-32 C). Wash hot (130F/55C). Do not use bleach or softeners. Do not soak. Tumble dry low (not exceeding 130F/55C) or line dry. Following the proper care instructions helps avoid the delamination of the waterproof lining and damaging the elastics. 


Top Layer - Microfleece 

Bottom layers - 40% Cotton, 37% Hemp, 23% Bamboo


  • CPSIA compliant
  • Free from harmful chemicals and metals
  • Made in China

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