What to do with Unwanted Christmas Gifts for the Little Ones: Alternative Ways to Give and Share the Joy

It's that time of year again, when we all get a little too excited about giving and receiving gifts. But, let's face it, not every present is a winner. So, what do you do with those unwanted Christmas gifts for the little ones? Well, don't go using them if you don't want to or worse chuck them in the bin just yet, there's plenty of fun and meaningful ways to make sure they go to a good home.

First off, you could donate the gifts to a local charity or organisation that helps children who are less fortunate than our own. Many shelters and organisations in the UK work with families in poverty have programs in place to collect and distribute gifts to children who may not have received any presents otherwise. Not only will you be helping a good cause, but you'll be spreading a little Christmas cheer to those who need it most!

Another option is to have a little 'switcheroo' with your friends and family. Organise a gift exchange party where everyone can bring their unwanted gifts and trade them with others who may appreciate them more. Not only is it a fun and festive way to spend time with loved ones, but it'll also save you from the awkwardness of having to pretend you love a present you really don't, just maybe dont invite the original giver.....

If the gift is something that cannot be donated or exchanged, consider repurposing it. For example, if the gift is not age-appropriate, consider saving it for a younger or older sibling or cousin. Or, if the gift is a book, consider donating it to a local library or school where it will be read for years to come.

Lastly you could consider selling the item on one of the popular market places (Facebook, eBay, Vinted etc) and using the money from the sale to buy something more suitable for your little one, even better if you can also buy from a market place site as you will be reusing (and most likely saving money!)

So as you can see, unwanted Christmas gifts for the little ones don't have to be a chore. By donating, swapping, selling or repurposing them, we can make sure they go to a good home and bring joy to others in need.

So, let's make the most of our unwanted presents and spread a little bit of Christmas magic.