Miss Nella Non-Toxic Children's Make Up

      We totally get it—being a parent of small children is an adventure unlike any other. We are dedicated to adding an extra dose of joy and enchantment to your experience! Now, let's delve into what sets us apart and truly makes us unique!

      When I was a kid, I had this undying love for the colour light blue. I seriously wanted everything in that shade, from my clothes to my shoes.

      In 2015, I began Miss Nella. It was clear that our first colour had to be light blue—mermaid blue, to be exact!

      It reminds me of the magical sky and mesmerising sea that filled my childhood with pure wonder. Miss Nella specialises in creating amazing kids' makeup that's safe, playful, and designed to stimulate your child's imagination. Our goal is to provide a space where your little ones can express their creativity and individuality while having a blast.

      There is a wide choice of fascinating products in the children's makeup collection. We have makeup sets with vibrant colours, which are ideals for both playtime and special occasions. Your kids will shine like stars with them.

      14 products

      14 products