Review of Hippynuts ‘Wholenut’ all-in-one nappy (AIO)

I have followed Hippynuts since day one so was super excited when they confirmed Pumpkin Brown as a stockist. I loved 2 things from the start, the boldness of their designs and their passion for the environment. I love that they talk regularly about their carbon footprint and environmental priorities and that they plant a tree for every nappy sold. Their packaging (something I am also very passionate about) is completely plastic free and reusable.

Hippynuts is family owned and run, by Kat & Ernaga who live in Oxfordshire. They have burst onto the scene with the ‘Wholenut’ a bamboo AIO nappy available in a bold and eclectic collection of prints inspired by their family heritage, culture, love of travel, art, design, and food. I have chosen ‘Beach Bum’ and ‘Wildchild’ and one of the hemp boosters to try out on Aura.


Let’s start with the facts….

  • COST : £18.49
  • WARRANTY : 12 months
  • WASHING: Wash at 40 degrees with non-bio. Although not recommended to wash at 60 regularly they can withstand 60 degree washing but it may shorten the life of the PUL over time
  • DRYING TIME : Usable within 48 hours drying in natural indoor conditions. Air drying is recommended, as it’s more environmentally friendly. However, you can tumble dry on low when necessary, I found them to dry in around 2 hours this way.
  • PREPARATION : Hippynut advise to wash once before using but as they are mostly bamboo you will see the best absorbency after 3 or 4 washes.
  • SLIMNESS : Super slim even when boosted.
  • SIZE : The Wholenut is a one size fits most (OSFM) 7lbs/3.2 kg - 35lbs/16kg approx. They have been compared to Little Lovebum but with a wider range of fits.
  • INSERT MATERIAL : Insert contains two Stay Dry layers and an inner core, consisting of 6 layers of bamboo. The insert is 85% Bamboo, 15% Polyester.

Size & Shape.

I have seen the Wholenut frequently compared to the Little Lovebum (LLB) Quickdry nappy in terms of shape and size and although the PUL is almost identical the addition of the front elastics and double leg gusset does change the fit quite a lot and makes it a trimmer feeling nappy.

It has very slim PUL binding so although it is a different colour to the nappy it works well and is very neat and doesn’t stick up like some bindings do. The nappy has 5 rise settings, cross over waist poppers and a low stability waist popper for a snug fit around the legs making it a true birth to potty.


Like many other brands Hippynut recommend the nappies are washed 40 degrees. They can if required due to ill health or young babies be washed at 60 degrees and can also be tumble dried on a low heat although this may shorten the life of the PUL over time. I tend to wash at 40 degrees and being able to tumble dry is a great option to have if my stash is running a little low and I need to dry or finish them off quickly.


The nappy is very easy to fit and looks really comfortable. Aura is nearly 18 months and quite a slim but not skinny and we got an excellent fit around the tummy. I especially like the added front elastic which stopped any tummy gap we can sometimes get with other brands and I love the double leg gusset (similar to Seedlings) as it feels so secure through her range of movements.


On the bum the nappy is SO slim, definitely one of the slimmest I have used and even with their hemp insert added (in the wild child pictures) it is still super trim.


There are 5 rise settings and and a cross over waist so they go down very small and I can see that we have plenty growth left in the rise and waist tabs so I can see this lasting through to potty training no problem for us. I also like the hip stability poppers as I find with Aura being slimmer the ones that don’t have them can droop slightly. We are using rise 3 of 5 so plenty of room left to grow.





We used ‘Beach Bum’ with no prepping (because I am too impatient, and to be honest was fooled by the stay dry and forgot it was a bamboo core) and the nappy lasted 3 hours no problem, no leaks or dampness to the outside of the nappy despite the saturated insert.

We were just playing around the house so I would like to test it again in the car, park etc. Seeing the double leg gussets and fit I am very confident it will withstand any play and being 85% bamboo I also think it will be a good car/ buggy nappy but I will add this to the review when I can confirm.



What about tummy sleepers?


With all nappies I like to try them in various settings.  Aura is a heavy wetting tummy sleeper and naps for almost 3 hours in the day and 12 hours though the night. Very few nappies work for us due to leaking out the tummy.


I used ‘Wild Child’ for nap time. Again it wasn’t prewashed so I added the hemp booster (also brand new and unwashed!) as I wanted to check the fit when boosted. It was still very easy to fit and still very trim on the bum. Aura slept just short of 3 hours and the nappy was perfectly dry as was Aura. Both inserts were heavy but no leaks. Once the nappies & insert have more washes I am keen to try them overnight. My reliable overnight nappy is a 2 parter Seedlings wrap with Diversifold and think it’s the front and double leg elastics that make the difference for us so I have high hopes that the Wholenut might even work as a night nappy.



So in summary.


It’s an unexpected LOVE from me. The Wholenut is a cross between the dryness of the LLB Quickdry and absorbency of the Everyday with the added elastics for containment of Seedling. I say unexpected as I don’t use LLB Quickdry or Everyday as I just don’t get a good enough fit on Aura but this nappy has really really impressed me and I am very happy to give it my recommendation.


My Favourite Bits


  • Super Slim
  • Super reliable
  • Very easy to fit
  • Bold and unusual prints
  • Double gusset leg elastics


My Least Favourite bits


  • Natural drying time of bamboo at 48 hours although this is same for all bamboo nappies
  • Excess insert when using a smaller rise setting, this is manageable on the 3rd rise but for a new born size it would be bulkier.


They are gorgeous nappies, made to an excellent standard, easy to fit, incredibly reliable and very absorbent as they come. At £18.99 they are also a very reasonable price for an AIO.