Bamboo Brightbots 6 Pack White Terry Squares - 60x60cm

Bamboo Brightbots 6 Pack White Terry Squares - 60x60cm

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At Pumpkin Brown, we love these Bamboo Terry Cloth nappies from Bright Bots because they provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution for your baby's nappies.

Made from 100% Bamboo Soft Terry Towelling. Bamboo is an amazing material that has high absorbency but is thin so bamboo terries are less bulky.  These terries are 100% Bamboo they are not a mix.

In addition to being practical for your baby's needs, these cotton terry squares are incredibly versatile and can be used for many other purposes as well. They are warm gentle machine washable and can be line dried or warm tumble dried, making them easy to care for.

Not only are these reusable cloth nappies better for the environment than disposable nappies, they are also a great investment for parents. With their durability and versatility, these reusable cloth nappies can be used for years and will save you money in the long run.

So if you're looking for a sustainable and cost-effective solution for your baby's nappies, we highly recommend these reusable cloth nappies from Bright Bots.

Pack Size 

Sold as a pack of 6 


60cm x 60cm 

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Prewash before use: 

Prewashing before use removes the manufacturers residue and sets the terry loops to stop pulls and fluff up. Prewashing also creates the absorbency. Do not use any fabric conditioner. Prewashing should be 30/40c short gentle wash and natural drying if possible.  Once in use these terries can be washed at 40 – 60max. 

Dry naturually if possible. Low heat Tumble. Do not place on direct heat i.e. radiators as this will melt the bamboo fibres.

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