Lanka Kade Wooden Figure Halloween Vampire

Black and red Vampire

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Introducing the Lanka Kade Wooden Vampire Toy – now available at Pumpkin Brown!

Expertly crafted, this little wooden wonder brings forth a world of enchantment and creativity.

With a striking black and red design adorning both sides, accentuated by the alluring natural wood grain edge, each piece stands as a testament to the beauty of individuality. No two are alike, ensuring that every child's playtime experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

At Pumpkin Brown, we understand the importance of fostering imaginative play that knows no bounds. The Lanka Kade Wooden Vampire Figure effortlessly joins the ranks of cherished playtime companions, inviting children to explore limitless realms of make-believe.

Measuring a generous 25mm in thickness, this super chunky masterpiece is tailor-made for small hands and big dreams. Its substantial size adds a tactile dimension to play, enhancing engagement and encouraging hours of immersive fun.

Embracing the values of both quality and sustainability, the Wooden Vampire Toy is meticulously fashioned from eco-friendly wood. Lanka Kade's commitment to ethical craftsmanship aligns perfectly with Pumpkin Brown's dedication to a brighter, greener future.

Unleash the potential of this vibrant Wooden Vampire Figure across various play scenarios. From making a memorable statement in party bags to becoming the star of small world play setups and story sacks, its versatility knows no bounds.


This colourful natural wood black and red vampire is:

  • printed on both sides with a black and red design showing a natural wood grain edge
  • a super chunky size at 25mm thick
  • made from eco friendly wood
  • perfect for party bags, small world play, story sacks and more

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