Blue and yellow Farm man

Blue and yellow Farm man

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Introducing the Lanka Kade Wooden Farm Man Toy in Blue and Yellow – a delightful addition for farmhouse decor, imaginative play, whimsical farm adventures, and perfect for party bags, small world play, story sacks, and more! Now available at Pumpkin Brown! Meticulously handcrafted, its vibrant blue and sunny yellow hues, along with the intricate wood grain detailing, infuse a dash of charm.

This toy effortlessly becomes a beloved part of your countryside traditions – perfect for farmhouse embellishments, sparking creative farm tales, or surprising in a special farm-themed surprise box.

Sculpted with a substantial 25mm thickness, it fits snugly in your hands, elevating the tactile experience.

In harmony with our commitment to sustainability, the Wooden Farm Man Toy in Blue and Yellow echoes Pumpkin Brown's dedication to a greener tomorrow.

Unleash its potential – adorn your farm, inspire imaginative stories, or sprinkle a bit of farmyard magic. Embrace the enchantment with us today!

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