Lanka Kade Deluxe Farm Set Natural Childs Wooden Toy
Deluxe Farm Barn Set with Natural Characters

Deluxe Farm Barn Set with Natural Characters

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Introducing the Deluxe Farm Barn Set with Natural Characters playset! This substantial wooden farm barn ensemble features 34 chunky accessories, along with a tractor and a two-story farm building. Tailored for small world play, interactive invitations, and group adventures, this deluxe farm barn set is sure to be a cherished favourite for years to come. From tending to chickens and pigs to herding sheep, milking cows, matching baby animals with their parents, and creating jump sets for the horses, the possibilities for play are limitless with this deluxe farm barn set.

The animals, characters, and accessories are thoughtfully designed with minimal brown detailing, allowing the beautiful wood grain to shine through on each unique piece!

This deluxe farm barn set includes:

  • A collection of 34 individual pieces, complete with a tractor and a two-story barn building featuring a removable roof and ladder.
  • An impressive barn standing at a height of 310mm.
  • An assortment of 1 piglet, 1 pig, 1 dog, 1 calf, 1 cow, 1 bull, 1 sheep, 1 ram, 1 horse, 1 goose, 1 goat, 1 donkey, 1 trio of ducklings, 1 female duck, 1 male duck, 1 turkey, 1 cockerel, 1 farm woman, 1 farm man, 3 hens, 2 gates, 6 fences, 1 large trough, 2 hedges, and 1 tree.
  • Remarkably chunky pieces, each measuring 25mm in thickness.
  • Crafted from eco-friendly materials, embodying our commitment to sustainability.
  • Presented in an informative box, making it an easy-to-wrap gift option!

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