Lanka Kade Natural Green & Purple Mermaid

Lanka Kade Natural Green & Purple Mermaid

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Introducing the Green & Purple Mermaid Toy – perfect for party bags, small world play, story sacks, and more! This delightful addition is great for aquatic-themed decor, imaginative underwater adventures, and mermaid moments, now available at Pumpkin Brown! Meticulously crafted, its green and purple colours, along with intricate detailing, add a touch of aquatic magic.

This toy effortlessly becomes part of your oceanic traditions – ideal for decorating underwater-themed spaces, sparking imaginative sea tales, or surprising in a special mermaid-themed treasure chest.

Designed with a substantial 25mm thickness, it fits comfortably in your hands, enhancing tactile joy.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, the Green & Purple Mermaid Toy reflects Pumpkin Brown's dedication to a greener future beneath the waves.

Unleash its potential – adorn your underwater realms, inspire stories, or add a dash of mermaid enchantment. Dive into the magic with us today!

Suitable from 10 months plus.

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