Little Lamb Bamboo Pocket Insert

Little Lamb Bamboo Pocket Insert

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Product Info 

This bamboo insert is designed to fit inside the Littlelamb Sized pocket nappy but works just as well in our One Size or any other brand of similar nappies.

What is it made from? 

It's made from 100% Oeko-tex yarn and is woven rather than knitted to keep the bulk down. They are three times as heavy as our standard bamboo booster and absorb three times the quantity of fluid.

Washing & Care 

Little Lamb advise washing at 40˚. All their nappies & boosters can be washed at 60˚ when necessary such as if baby gets nappy rash or thrush, but the hotter the regular wash the shorter the lifespan of the nappy.

New Deluge Insert

heavy wetters and flooders will love these super-boosters.

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