Natural yellow and black policeman - white skin

Natural yellow and black policeman - white skin

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Introducing the Lanka Kade Natural Yellow and Black Policeman – a dedicated companion for playtime, creative storytelling, and imaginative adventures, now available at Pumpkin Brown! This handcrafted toy, featuring a distinctive combination of natural yellow and bold black accents, is ready to uphold law and order in thrilling police adventures. Perfect for party bags, small world play, story sacks, and more!

Carefully crafted with a substantial 25mm thickness, it's designed for comfortable handling and countless hours of law enforcement-themed play.

In alignment with our commitment to diversity and sustainability, the Natural Yellow and Black Policeman reflects Pumpkin Brown's dedication to a greener and more inclusive future.

Unleash its potential – inspire imaginative tales and embark on creative policing adventures. Join the law enforcement journey with us today!

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