Tots Bots Bamboozle Fitted Nappy Fox

Tots Bots Bamboozle Fitted Nappy Fox

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Pumpkin Brown Says

'The Bamboozle fitted nappy is a great night option for medium/ heavier wetters. They are really easy to put on with velcro fastening making them a top choice for new parents and ideal for wriggly babies! Easy to boost and fits under any waterproof wrap'

This Bamboozle Stretch is the perfect natural nappy for your little Squiddle's piddle.

Team the Bamboozle night nappy with any waterproof  Nappy Wrap for unbeatable performance! The Bamboozle is the thirsty bit and the wrap keeps wetness in. 

Size 1 holds 575 ml, fits 6-18 lbs 

Size 2 holds 715 ml, fits 9-35 lbs

    New Deluge Insert

    heavy wetters and flooders will love these super-boosters.

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