Bear Bott AIO - Tencel Insert V2
Bear Bott AIO - Tencel Insert V2

Bear Bott AIO - Tencel Insert V2

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Bear Bott All In One Nappy - V2

The V2 All-in-One nappy is the perfect convenient option, the most like a disposable nappy and using highly absorbent and sustainable Tencel this innovative reusable nappy has lots of amazing features to make using cloth nappies with your little one easy and reliable.

The AIO features...
  • Beautiful unique patterns.  
  • A design that fits babies and toddlers from approx. 9lb to 38lb.  
  • Easy to use snap buttons for quick nappy changes and the perfect fit.  
  • Stay Dry layer of Athletic Wicking Jersey which keeps your baby dry, cool and in ultimate comfort whilst wearing this nappy.
  • Includes one cloth nappy with attached Tencel Insert.
    Fabric composition - 80% Tencel Lyocell, 10% Bamboo, 5% Cotton, 5% Polyester.
  • An internal double gusset for unbeatable leak prevention and containment.  
  • Hand-designed on the East Coast of Scotland.

This nappy features an internal double gusset for unbeatable leak prevention and containment.

A low hip stability popper prevents leaks and fabric bunching.

Tummy Elastic cinches in the waist creating a perfect fit teamed with an inner PUL panel to prevent leaks.

Soft thin binding that blends with the beautiful unique patterns, hand-designed on the East Coast of Scotland.

The outermost part of the nappy cover with the design printed on is made from high quality PUL (thermally bonded using heat, not chemicals) which makes this nappy waterproof.

Can be tumbled dried on a low heat setting for short periods of time.

Fitting tip - This nappy is designed to fit as conveniently as a disposable, with the inner elastic creating a double gusset it’s your choice whether you tuck the nappy into the knicker line or not.

Drying tip - turning the insert inside out will speed up drying tip and hanging out to dry with peg attached to the side of the insert will mean air flows under and through the insert.


 About Tencel


Tencel fabrics are arguably the most environmentally friendly available, but what are they?

There are two types of Tencel, Tencel Lyocell and Tencel Modal. Manufactured by the same company they are similar but not the same. 

Modal is manufactured from Beech Trees while the production of Lyocell utilizes Eucalyptus wood. Beech and Eucalyptus trees grow extremely quickly and require minimal pesticide and care, they can be replenished quickly after harvesting. This prevents over harvesting, as the trees that are cut will grow back in a short time period.

Bear Bott have chosen Tencel Lyocell as the absorbency in my products as it is more durable and has moisture wicking properties versus Tencel Modal, Tencel Lyocell is also produced using a closed loop system* meaning the production process requires less than half the water used in the production of fibers from cotton. Tencel Lyocell is also toxin free and Oeko-Tex® certified.

Benefits of Tencel Lyocell for your cloth nappy journey…

• Highly absorbent yet quick drying, excellent for our climate.

• Lightweight and slimline.
• Moisture wicking and breathable.

• Sustainable, amazing eco credentials that would be hard to beat with any other fabric on the market right now.

• Durable - Strong and will last the vigorous wash routine that cloth nappies go through!

• Hypoallergenic 

• Biodegradable and compostable under soil, home and industrial conditions!

• Sourced from Eucalyptus trees certified by FSC and PEFC

Note - Not all Lyocell is made equal.

Lenzing produces biodegradable and recyclable Lyocell fabric using ethically-sourced raw materials that undergo closed-loop production cycles. Each Tencel Lyocell fabric roll is tested by Lenzing before swing tags are issued to be used on certified product.

*Tencel Lyocell is made using a circular production technique (closed loop). Everything used in the wood pulp breakdown process are collected and recycled, completing the eco-friendly production cycle.

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